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Shower Door Measuring Guide

Posted on April 23, 2012 by Jennifer Mullane


Planning Your Bathroom

Posted on April 23, 2012 by Noel Keane

We want to make your shopping experience a pleasant one and we would ask you to read the following which we hope will be of help to you.

What stage is your plumbing at?

Numerous items such as wall hung ware, concealed shower valves, towel warmers, freestanding baths etc may not be suitable for your setting if pipework is already fixed.


What are your bathroom and shower area measurements?

Will the items you want fit in the spaces you have?   For example, Shower Door measurements must be taken after tiling.


What are your plumbing requirements?

Now that there is such a diverse range of products available, modern plumbing requirements are greatly different to the old ‘standard plumbing’. Some considerations are the layout of wastes, water feeds, water pressure requirements and size of cylinders etc.







Shower Systems Guide

Posted on April 23, 2012 by Jennifer Mullane


Heat the water instantly. Use only a cold water feed either from the cold storage tank (tank-fed) or off the water mains (mains-fed). Electrical connection is required with heavy cable.

Positive: Instant hot water.

Negative: Two electric showers can not be used at the same time. Expensive shower to run.

  • Cold water is drawn from the attic storage tank into the unit by a pump. 
  • This pump does not increase the water flow out from the shower head. 
  • Showers: Mira Elite / Triton T90 

  • Cold water is fed directly into the unit off the mains. 
  • Mains pressure must be 1 BAR. City pressure is 1 Bar. Group Scheme / Townlands pressure is not reliable for mains-fed showers 
  • Showers: Mira Vie / Triton T80 



Shower needs to be selected BEFORE 1st fix plumbing to allow for pipe work.

Pre-Heated hot water is drawn from the copper cylinder and cold water from the attic storage tank. Larger size cylinder recommended e.g. 48 x 18

  • With integral unit, a built-in pump creates a more powerful water flow. 
  • Hot + cold supply is required along with a 240 volt cable to run the pump 
  • Showers: Aquasensation / Aquastream / Mira Vigour 

Mixer Valve + Separate Pump:

  • With this option, a separate pump (usually installed next to cylinder) creates a powerful flow. 
  • Showers: All other models. 


Keeps the water temperature within one degree of the set temperature regardless of other hot and cold water draw-offs in the house.


Water temperature is mixed manually. May go hot or cold if there are other water draw-offs in the house.