Shower Systems Guide

Posted on April 23, 2012 by Jennifer Mullane


Heat the water instantly. Use only a cold water feed either from the cold storage tank (tank-fed) or off the water mains (mains-fed). Electrical connection is required with heavy cable.

Positive: Instant hot water.

Negative: Two electric showers can not be used at the same time. Expensive shower to run.

  • Cold water is drawn from the attic storage tank into the unit by a pump. 
  • This pump does not increase the water flow out from the shower head. 
  • Showers: Mira Elite / Triton T90 

  • Cold water is fed directly into the unit off the mains. 
  • Mains pressure must be 1 BAR. City pressure is 1 Bar. Group Scheme / Townlands pressure is not reliable for mains-fed showers 
  • Showers: Mira Vie / Triton T80 



Shower needs to be selected BEFORE 1st fix plumbing to allow for pipe work.

Pre-Heated hot water is drawn from the copper cylinder and cold water from the attic storage tank. Larger size cylinder recommended e.g. 48 x 18

  • With integral unit, a built-in pump creates a more powerful water flow. 
  • Hot + cold supply is required along with a 240 volt cable to run the pump 
  • Showers: Aquasensation / Aquastream / Mira Vigour 

Mixer Valve + Separate Pump:

  • With this option, a separate pump (usually installed next to cylinder) creates a powerful flow. 
  • Showers: All other models. 


Keeps the water temperature within one degree of the set temperature regardless of other hot and cold water draw-offs in the house.


Water temperature is mixed manually. May go hot or cold if there are other water draw-offs in the house.